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Why see a psychologist?

People seek therapy to implement change when struggling with personal or relationship issues or mental health concerns. My goal is to help clients see their own personal strengths and resources and learn how to draw on these strengths in their lives. 

Is my information kept confidential?

The College of Alberta Psychologists requires all registered psychologists to adhere to very strict standards regarding confidentiality. All information that clients provide in sessions remains confidential with a few rare exceptions that will be discussed with you in detail during the first session.

How do I make an appointment?

To book an appointment please fill out the contact

form below, or send me an email at

Is counselling covered by insurance?

Counselling and therapy with a registered psychologist is covered under many extended health benefit plans. Please check with your insurance provider or with your human resources representative at your workplace. I am able to direct bill to a number of insurance companies. If you pay with e-transfer or credit card, at each appointment, you will receive a receipt with all information necessary to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.


Fees that are not covered by your insurance program may be eligible as a medical expense deduction on your tax return.

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